Outdoor Sacred Self-Care: Walking

On the East coast as the weather continues to get warmer and warmer we are spending more time outdoors. Here are a few tips for adding in Outdoor Sacred Self-Care by Walking.

-         Walking creates a safe sacred space to open up and feel freer

-         Walking helps you connect to Mother Earth and divine messages from spirit

-         Walking helps to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle

-         Walking improves your mood

-         Walking strengthens your bones and muscles

-         Walking improves your balance and coordination

-         Walking everyone can do with low impact to your body

-         Walking can be done alone or with a friend

-         Walking is a powerful way to increase deeper thinking, creativity, problem solving, and gain insights into life situations

This is just a small sampling of the benefits to walking outdoors. Time to break out of the old, and take a completely new approach and get totally invested in the changes you want to make. Those first steps are taking a walk with me…grab your shoes and let’s go outside!