Water, what an amazing nourishing gift it is. We start our lives in a womb filled with water and it keeps on gifting us throughout our time here. It's hydrating to the body, keeps us alive, and has no calories, fat or sugar. What brings up all this gratitude about water is my water aerobics class. Since I am now a woman of a certain age(55), my body has changed and after having one knee replaced water aerobics has become my best friend. To keep healthy and exercise daily, I need to do it in the water. The days of high-impact aerobics classes, running 5Ks, and jumping rope are over. I just love the feel of the water when I first get in. My body feels safe and supported and not having to work so hard plus it's just fun. I am happy to see that there are 20-40(I kid you not) other people ready for class. People that are younger than me, too much older than me all there to exercise together. I was first shocked to see so many people but now I enjoy that we all move together towards better health and well being. Here are just some of the benefits of water aerobics:

1. Weight Loss - the average thirty minute pool workout burns 300 calories

2. Cardiovascular Endurance - pool workouts are a great way to build up your heart

3. Low Impact on joints and Stress Reliever

4. Joint Friendly - when your body is in the water 50% of your body's weight is carried by the water, at chest height it's 25-35% and at neck only 10% of pressure is being forced on the body

5 Fun Individual or Group Sport

6. Improves Physiological Well Being

I ask you to think about this and how water is so nourishing to your body, your physical fitness, and well-being. It's sacred self-care if you just do walking laps on your own or join a class. Try it or come with me for a fun friendly exercise experience now that we are of a certain age. Who's joining me in the pool? www,KathyCStahl.com