Spring Cleaning Ahead

     It is amazing that the environment is able to change so easily. With each season, it takes on a new look and identity. If the environment is able to change so easily, why can't we? For many of us the onset of spring is a reminder to start our annual spring overhauls of decluttering, organizing, picking up something new to try, or cleaning out the old.  While spring cleaning has the obvious benefits of an organized closet, a sparkling counter top, and possibly more open space , more importantly, it has been associated with improved mood, decreased stress, and heightened creativity. Here are 10 tips to help you Spring Clean YOURself:

1. Travel to a new place you have never been before. Do a spiritual retreat such as a weekend stay at Kripalu, Omega or over in Europe and immerse yourself in a different culture and language.

2. Join a gym to start a new health regimen or a home routine that you can stick to, biking, jogging or hiking.

3. Try finding new healthy farm to table or vegetarian restaurants in your community.

4. Change one thing in your eating. Such as eating one meal without added salt or one meal without cheese and bread then notice how your feeling.

5. Try something new to explore such as pottery, oil painting, knitting, kayaking, hiking, or cooking classes. You already know something that you were always wanting to try choose that. The how's and why will disappear once you decide.

6. Try to talk to 5 new people this month and see if it leads to something new such as a friendship, business power partner, a connection to something else, or it just helped you not isolate as much.

7. Reconnect with Mother Earth, spring clean your yard, or an area park, go for a walk in the park, or hike a local mountain, join a walking or hiking club to meet new people and connect with mother nature.

8. Declutter the house/apt clean out spices, clean out that crazy plastic bin drawer or the junk drawers then notice the space that opens up. Start throwing shit away your never going to use it.

9. Spruce your home space up. Buy new spring pillows and throws, add or subtract pieces of furniture to change the feel of your home. Hang art, or spiritual sayings that resonate with you, or a new paint colors on the walls.

10. Start enjoying life by scheduling in more fun. Step away from the computer, cell phone, ipad etc...Give yourself a day off and sit in the sunshine and be filled with gratitude of our time together here on Mother Earth.