Deep inside, we know when our well is dry. We dry ourselves out because we get caught in a cycle of believing we are never enough. How do you fill your inner well? There are many opportunities, and many levels of filling your well.  Through personal counseling, you learn to trust your own internal knowing,

The three C's happen when you trust your internal knowing

  • Confidence - Imagine waking each morning filled with confidence that today will be better than yesterday.
  • Contentment - feeling - "Okay I'm onto something!" - the feeling of satisfaction and empowerment to explore and do more!
  • Clarity - seeing clearly what it is that you really need and want, an inner certainty.

Together, in private sessions, we will pick up the bucket to see how you want to fill your well. We will work to empty emotions like fear, anger, and grief. Before you know it your well will fill with positive emotions. The three "C"'s will characterize your state of being. When we trust our internal knowing, all the empty feelings disappear, and finally we feel fulfilled.

Over time I've had more and more client requests for personal counseling for themselves, friends and family. In both our business worlds and our personal lives we can become entangled in challenges, responsibilities and commitments. Working together, you and I review the circumstances, explore the possibilities, and reveal your own inner certainty, all while you have my empowering support.

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