When summer moves into fall we are transitioning seasonally. In addition to noticing the weather getting cooler and leaves falling, what do we notice within ourselves? Transition is defined as movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept to another. All of our next steps in our journey are reliant on this phase of growth and illumination.

Trust me from my own experience it's not easy or fun at times. Transition can be dark, swampy and frustrating all at the same time. Let me assure you that wondrous things are in store for you on the other side of this time of transition. I can't say I don't need a lot of support and pep talks (plus some wine on the side) when I'm doing this deeper soul work, but I do have an awareness that this too shall pass. I need to trust my journey and go into my cocoon during this transformational process. 

Whether it's to change your health, have better relationships, end relationships that no longer work or serve you to changing jobs, moving to other states or countries to just having peace and calming more in your daily life. Look at the one thing right now that triggers you or makes your emotions just ramp up. Dive deeply into it as this is where transition happens. This is your pot of gold to get you where your hearts desires are. It's where you want change to happen so you don't keep feeling all this emotion all the time. Know that I am right there with you my friends. Let's support each other with kindness and love while we all do our transitioning into our new being right along with the rest of the planet.