Fall Shamanic Retreat
to Oct 1

Fall Shamanic Retreat

Sacred Shamanic Self-Care Retreat


During this 2-day retreat you will start to learn ancient shamanic practices. You will experience the tranquility of nature and the power of our animal guides.

You will learn a technique for accessing that inner wisdom you hold within your soul(your own well). By connecting to your own ancient wisdom through the wisdom of Pachamama medicine. You will be supported on your journey, nourish your soul, and be provided with the knowledge you are seeking. We will access that inner wisdom at our retreat.

Our Retreat will start Friday evening with an opening ceremony followed by our first experience with finding our animal guides. Saturday will be more ceremony, meditation, journaling, outdoor experiences, shamanic journeys, and lecture. Sunday morning we will close out our time together with a closing ceremony on the beach and a sacred offering.

I invite you to deepen your relationship with Pachamama and step into your ancient well of wisdom and sacred self-care. SPIRIT IS WAITING

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Spring Women's Retreat
to Apr 23

Spring Women's Retreat

Spring Cleanse and Rebirthing of you in your Life

Join us as we do a spring food cleanse. Eating whole foods and being supported with other women. We will do ceremony, meditating, writing, doing movement, and art to clear our space inside and outside of the body. Empowering you to move into your life in a more fully present way. There will be time to rest, be quiet, or just hang and socialize with other like minded women.


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to Oct 16

FILL YOUR WELL Women's Retreat

Join us as we gather to spend time with ourselves and FILL YOUR WELL.

Some of the experiences we will share is mediation, movement, nutrition and relaxing time to just be surrounded with loving support. Plenty of fun, sun and the beach to boost all of the work we will be doing together.

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